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Purchasable Units and Plans Attatched to Them

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10 Free Units Monthly

1 Active Email Address

1 WebHook

2 Active Bank Logics



100 Units

2 Active Email Address

1 WebHook

3 Active Bank Logics



350 Units

3 Active Email Address

3 WebHook

3 Active Bank Logics



500 Units

4 Active Email Address

5 WebHook

4 Active Bank Logics

No matter the plan you pay for, you are entitled to 10 free units every month. These units are not transferable to the next month.

The Cost of Processing a Transaction ranges from 0.5 to 1 Unit

You can pay for any particular plan any number of times or pay for a plan higher than your current plan, but to go for a lower plan than your current plan, you will have to exhaust all units for your current plan.

Only the Enterprise Plan has a Time Constraint, and of 30 Days

Paying for a Plan essentially means buying transaction units. Limits on Resources such as Active Emails, Bank Logics, Maximum number of active Web Hooks, etc. Simply depends on which of the listed units you buy.

It's best to stick to a particular plan and upgrade only if you need to.



UnLimited Units

UnLimited Active Email Address

UnLimited WebHook

UnLimited Active Bank Logics

30 Days Validity

There are 2 types of Billing

Fully Protected System Billing
S/N Inference Method Cost (Units per Matched Transaction)
1 Invoice Code 0.5
2 Email and Amount 0.5
3 Email 0.6
4 Depositor Name & Amount 0.7
5 Amount 0.8