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Complete API Tool Chain to Build Seamless Payment Experiences based on Bank Transfers

CynoBit Developer Console CrediBorg OAS3 Docs

Getting Started

Go to the CynoBit Developer Console and Create an Organization (Organizations help you manage Projects) from the top left corner of the Page.

Create a project under your newly created Organization.

With your Organization and Project selected, Switch to the Credentials Tab by your left and create an API Key.

Make sure to copy your API Secret once the API Key is created as you will need of for authenticating API calls to the service.This will be your only chance to copy it.

Select your newly created API Key and Select Prepare Token.

Select the permission you want your token to have. For the CrediBorg Service, you will need the, cynobit.crediborg.write or both permissions.

Click Generate Token to get your Access Token.

To use the CrediBorg Service, make sure it's active for the selected project in your Developer Console.

Make sure of that by switching to the Services Tab.

Authenticating API Calls

Authenticating API calls is done by use of the Authorization Header.

Here's an Example API call to create an Invoice using cURL

Visit the Developer Docs Page to Learn how to use the CrediBorg APIs.

curl \
-H "Authorization: Secret <secret>:<token>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" \
-d "code=AHYT645623" \
-d "amount=10000" \
-d "" \
-d "customer_id=5" \
-d "first_name=Jonathan" \
-d "middle_name=York" \
-d "last_name=Brown \
-d 'metadata={"cart": [{"itemId": 5, "itemName": "RaspberryPi Case", "quantity": 2}]}' \

Offical Client Libraries

  • composer install cynobit/crediborg-client:dev-master