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A Credit Alert Processing System

Receive payments seamlessly using your personal bank account of choice while retaining the capabilities of a traditional payment gateway that allows you automate how your business no matter the size, and give value to customers.

Receive payments from customers directly into your bank account, without any intermediary or deductions.

With your email box setup to receive CREDIT alerts from you bank, CrediBorg listens for them the moment they hit your mail box and does the needful, such as triggering Web Hooks with payloads about the recently occurred CREDIT transaction.

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CrediBorg is an intelligent and automated service that listens for CREDIT transaction emails in your mailbox and processes them.

Important details of a transaction like amount paid, date and time, description, depositor's name, etc. are extracted from emails received and sent to web hooks that you configure, a messaging tool of your choosing (Whatsapp, Slack, Trello, etc.), or even a Google Spreadsheet for record purposes.

You can combine transaction records from payment gateways with transaction records of your bank account with CrediBorg. This gives you the ability to have insights about your revenue from multiple channels all in one place.

Credit Alert Processing

How It Works

Paying customer generates an Invoice on your website to pay N amount of money for certain good/services, e.g. Checking-Out a Cart, Paying for an Event or Subscription, etc. An Invoice Code is obtained as a result of this.

Customer makes payment to your Bank Account as instructed on your website, while making sure to put the previously generated invoice code into the narration field of his/her bank's mobile application.

Once you receive the payment and you receive a CREDIT alert email, CrediBorg extracts relevant details from the email, matches it with the previously created invoice, and sends a payload to one or more configured web hooks.

3 Steps to Get Started

Sign Up

Sign Up and take advantage of the free units granted to new users, to test out the service and see how it serves your needs.

You get to generate invoices, manage customers & invoices, and experience our intuitive DashBoard.

You'll also be given 10 free units monthly to keep using the service. This will usually be enough if you don't receive a lot of CREDIT alerts monthly.

Setup an Email

Add/Setup an Email address (GMail), while choosing the Bank whose email alerts you expect on that email.

You will need to provide Read Only access to the email address to let CrediBorg retrieve only the necessary emails.

You can provide a non-personal email address which you've instructed your bank to send CREDIT alerts to.

API, Web Hooks & Apps

Take a look at the CrediBorg API Documentation for a wide range of possibilities or simply setup Web Hooks that receive requests containing information about the transaction whenever you receive CREDIT alerts.

You can also integrate with third party applications such as Google Sheets if it suits you.

Your Privacy is Our Concern

Relevant Mail Retrieval

Only Relevant Mails (Credit Alerts) are intelligently retrieved from your mail box. So you have no personal worries.

Automation Tools

Harness the power of automation tools at your disposal to store transaction records in spreadsheets, trigger web hooks for your eCommerce business, send out receipts, etc.

CREDIT Reconciliation

Say Good Bye to the biggest challenge of Bank to Bank transactions, 'Accounts Reconciliation'. With our dashboard, you can see what comes in from who and what they were meant for at a glance. And it's true, you can reconcile your bank transactions with the transaction records of payment gate ways.